Monday, July 21, 2014

The CBS TV show 'Scorpion' filming on Bay Shore ave 7:30am Monday July 21st

The CBS TV show 'Scorpion' filming on Bay Shore ave at 7:30am Monday July 21st

 Monday we will be having a major bus wreck at 54th and Bay Shore. Filming the new show Scorpion. Here is the trailer:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Movies on the Beach Schedule Summer 2014

Movies on the Beach Start at Dusk (approx. 8 p.m.)
Movie Screenings Start June 21, 2014 and run through September 9, 2014

2014 Moonlight Movie Schedule

"Sunsets on The Beach" (Granada Beach)
5101 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803

Movie at Mom's "Mothers Beach"
5825 E Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Before & After = Graffiti Hotline WORKS! (562) 570-2773

Graffiti on side of Rite Aid in Naples - NOT a fan - Calling the Graffiti Hotline to have it removed - if you see Graffiti, please call the hotline to have removed ASAP 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

3pm = Agent Orange @ The Gaslamp Sat. June 21st

WOW - This is when you know you and your Music is getting Old - Hubby & I got Tickets to see one of my Favorite Punk Bands Agent Orange for Sat. June 21st Gaslamp - Music, Bar, Kitchen and just noticed that it is for 3pm in the AFTERNOON - On a Saturday!! Can we say 'Early Bird Special'?? I wonder if they will be serving Chicken Fried Steak with a Free slice of Pie at the Gig - HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF??

Discovering New Band @ The Long Beach Grand Prix


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


GO VOTE!!! It Really Is the Very LEAST you can do for your Country!!
Today, June 3, is Election Day! Polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm. Long Beach residents will be voting on two ballots: one for the Long Beach General Municipal Election and another for the Statewide Primary Election. If you're voting with a Vote-By-Mail ballot, please make sure it's received by the election official at any polling location or by the City Clerk Department by 8 pm today (postmarks will not count). For all election related questions, including locating your polling location, please visit or call the Long Beach City Clerk Department at (562) 570-6101.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We found the Next X Factor Star in Jack in the Box! Ava Bartlow

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 Roy and I always meet the most interesting people in Jack in the Box - this time we met a young lady who was wise beyond her years and a true talent - listen to Ava Bartlow!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bikes & Parked Cars: Look before opening your car door!!

Remember - Be careful out there - this happened yesterday - delivery guy for George`s Greek opened car door as Roy was passing by on his Bicycle. Drivers PLEASE look before opening doors, please look out for bikes, pedestrians, etc. - And bicyclist/pedestrians - always make sure others see you before crossing/passing cars.....even if you have the right of way - Right of way or not - someone still gets hurt!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Serving Time at The Brix

We finally tried Let's Do Brix last night - here is my review:
I have been wanting to go to Brix for a long time. The menu looks really good and they have many craft beers & wines. I have also heard from many people that the food is amazing. Me and my husband walk in and hear shouts from the bar area, a couple friends of ours who are regulars at Brix are sitting at bar asking us to sit by them. So we sit at table next to bar. We spend a few minutes taking to our friends so we still have yet to look at menu. The waitress comes up several times during the few minutes asking us are we ready to order. We say not yet, we have not looked at menu yet. She seemed annoyed. As we were talking to our friends, I looked around at drink menu written on walls trying to decide what I wanted to order. I was asking my friends what they like and tried. Our friends were very informative and told us which beer tasted like this and like that....they told me to try a sample of a certain beer, so I asked the waitress, she gave me the sample and watched me try it. I asked her questions, but she didn`t really have answers, so I I just looked up at the wines and picked out a random one on board. She looked at me and said 'you want a port?!' I said, 'oh no, sorry I didn`t know that was a port.' She then bent down to me and said 'look hunny, what are you Used to drinking?' I got annoyed by that, I can go to my usual spot and get 'what I am used to drinking' - but I wanted to go and try something new. I was hoping that she could help me out a bit. I looked at her and said, 'I usually drink Cabernet and PBR'. I then looked at a random beer on board and gave her my decision. My husband doesn`t like to drink right after working out at the gym, so he ordered a sprite. I continued to ask my friends about the certain beers and the food and they were very informative.
The waitress brought our drinks and asked again if we were ready to order. My husband was pretty hungry so I told him to go ahead and order, I wasn`t ready yet. She seemed annoyed. She kept looking at her watch. I said to her 'I`m sorry to keep you, are you busy?' She said no, that she was just looking at the time. My husband ordered the margherita pizza and I told her I will order in a bit.
I put on my glasses to read the menu, as I was reading, the waitress would pass by and look to see it I was ready yet. We have only been in the restaurant for less than 15 minutes and there were empty tables. I finally made my decision, to order the Reuben Chowder. My soup got to the table quickly, my husbands pizza came 10 minutes after. The waitress looked at my husbands empty sprite glass and asked him if he wants more water. My husband said, that was actually a sprite, but yes, I would like some water.......she gave him a weird smirk and went to get him some water.
During this time, the waitresses never greeted us, welcomed us, did not offer any information about menu, we seemed to bother them if we asked anything, we felt rushed and keeping them from something else.
When the bill came, my husband gave waitress his credit card. Minutes went by, the waitress asked if everything okay, we said yes. More minutes went by, my husband was getting worried, they have not brought back his credit card. Finally as the waitress walked by us, we asked her for his credit card back. She went behind bar and yelled out 'found it!' To my husbands relief. We signed out and left....probably to the waitress relief!
The food at The Brix was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was local gastopub casual. The Beer and Wine Menu was impressive. However, the only reason we wont go back is because of the attitude of the waitress. Sad, very sad, we wanted very much to like this place. We are locals here. We dine on 2nd street at least 5 nights a week. We spend our money in our community. Maybe we will try Brix again, if they change up their servers.....or at least one server.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brunch at The Attic on Broadway

We went to Sunday Brunch at The Attic. We got there around 12:30pm - we had about an hour wait. We went to the side of the Attic to have a cocktail while we waited for our table. It was set up like a back yard with tables. We sat there as a waitress took our drink order. She informed us that we couldn`t get the fancy bloody mary`s in the wait section, due to kitchen access. The Attic is known for 'Build your Own Bloody Mary`s' complete with Bacon, Devil Eggs, Short Ribs, Sliders, etc to garnish your Mary. The guys ordered an Extra Spicy 'Normal' Mary with bacon infused vodka and Slim Jim stuffed Olives.....which wasn`t so normal, it was actually pretty tasty and fancy. I ordered a Mimosa with Lime & Vodka......not your Normal Mimosa was actually pretty refreshing and it was served in a Wine glass......pretty impressive! 
 Our names were called and we sat inside. The Attic is actually a house made into a restaurant with Art on walls and Art decor Lights and fixtures. The we all ordered the build your own Bloody Mary`s, complete with Slim Jim Olives, Pickled Egg, Short Rib Slider, horseradish, shrimp and Bacon infused Vodka. Pretty much a meal in itself, but we also ordered brunch. Roy ordered the Berkly Omelet, which has Chorizo & Spinach.  I ordered the Blue Bayou Omelet which has Cajun Shrimp & Blue Crab. Vic Ordered The Brat Pack, which is Bratwurst & Eggs. The boys really seemed to enjoy it all, which is a difficult feat unto itself. I really enjoyed my Brunch. The Cajun Shrimp & Blue Crab where moist, tender and very flavorful. They definitely did not skimp on the shrimp or the crab, the omelet was stuffed and so was I!
The service was informative, friendly, relaxed and very stylish, after all The Attic is in the Art District of Long Beach! I highly recommend this quaint little place and I  cannot wait to go back!! More info @

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dinner at The Crooked Duck in Long Beach

Artichoke Toasted Cashew Dip, Smoked Blue Cheese Salad, Kahlua Pulled Pork Sandwich & Duck L-Orange The Crooked Duck in Long Beach
 They have a great list if Beer, Wine & Drinks. Their Menu is extensive and has a unique spin on usual dishes. The Artichoke Dip had toasted cashew butter mixed in  - The blue cheese dressing on salad had a smokey flavor to it - The Duck L`Orange had a snifter of Sangria on the side to cleanse the pallet - The Kahlua Pulled Pork sandwich had a Roasted Coffee flavor. The food was truly Exceptional, very flavorful and delightful. The Crooked Duck is actually a house made into Restaurant which gives a Unique, Intimate, at home Feel to it. The Breakfast menu looks really good - we will have to come back for that soon! Go to their website for details:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What the Parking Commission is, and what it is Not -by Lisa Ramelow of La Strada

What the Parking Commission is, and what it is Not

belmontshore_welcomeI am writing this to clear up much misinformation that I have seen recently in print and heard in discussions, regarding the proposed purchase by the city of the house at 205 La Verne Ave., and to have it converted into a parking lot.
I am in a unique position in that I am a Parking Commissioner, a director on the board of the Belmont Shore Business Association, a long-time resident, a business owner for 20 years, and a commercial property owner. I don’t think there is anyone else who can look at this from as many angles as I do. It also affords me the opportunity to become well informed because I attend all of the various meetings that pertain to this issue.  I take my responsibilities in all these positions very seriously.  (I was out of town for the Feb. 20, 2014 Parking Commission meeting, but listened to the audio recording in its entirety).
First, I would like to state that the Parking Commission, actually formally called the Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission, is an advisory body.  The members have no governing power.  We meet once a month and advise the City on ways to improve the parking situation and business community. We also monitor the condition of the street, the medians, and the alleys.  Our recommendations are sent on to the city council and other parts of city government. In the last year we have implemented an employee bus pass program to encourage employees of Belmont Shore businesses to ride the bus – it has been very effective.  We also studied and identified many outdated “green” 24 minute parking spaces and “yellow” loading zone spaces and then turned them into regular parking spots.Curb
The commission is made up of 3 business owners, 3 commercial property owners, and one resident.  Actually, at the present time, 3 of the 7 commissioners are Belmont Shore residents.  We are all volunteers.
It has been very disheartening to me to hear some of the comments made about the various parking commissioners.  We are all hard-working people who donate our time to this task of analyzing parking.  We are not doing it because we are a bunch of money-hungry individuals who only care about ourselves.  I know of many, MANY, instances of individual commissioners spending copious amounts of their own time and money assisting the community in various ways, many times not publicly.
Because I moved to Belmont Shore in 1969, I have witnessed many changes in the landscape of the Shore, and I have seen the resistance of residents to these changes.  I grew up down the street from Howie’s Market on Covina Ave.  I remember when they removed 2 houses next to the alley where the parking lot behind Peet’s Coffee now stands.  My mother told me that people did not like the change, but that more parking was needed.  In the present day, I do not think anyone walks by that parking lot and thinks that it being there affects the quality of life in the Shore.
I was also here when my sister Julie, along with 4 other families, came up with the idea of creating the “tot lot” at Park and Livingston.  Residents fought that like crazy saying they didn’t want their home values lowered by “screaming kids,” and they demanded that no bright colors be used on the equipment.  In the original tot lot everything was painted beige because of these residents.  It was a huge effort fighting so many residents, and now today, so many families have enjoyed it over the years.
205 La Verne
The very simple history behind how this situation came about is this: one commissioner noticed the house on the alley had been for sale for many months.  He knew that approximately 25 years ago, the commercial property owners had voted to tax themselves to raise money for just this possibility – buying one of the many homes adjacent to the alley that were zoned for parking long ago.  He checked to see if the owner would be willing to sell it to the city and the answer was yes, and then the city confirmed that they would be willing to bid on it. There was enough money accumulated in that designated fund to cover the purchase.  This transpired in December of 2013; there was no parking commission meeting that month so it was not discussed.  Rather than bring it to the January Parking Commission meeting, it was decided to hold an informal meeting with the residents on La Verne Ave. first.
Here are some of the erroneous things that I have heard:
1.     The Parking Commission is looking for homes “to take”
Answer:  No, it is not.  This one home happened to be in the right place at a time when we have accumulated the funds.  The home is not being “taken”, it would be voluntarily sold by the homeowner, and there is no list of futures homes to be bought.  There is no list. In fact there would be no money left in the fund to buy any other homes after this purchase.
2.     After they take this home, what’s to stop them from knocking down another and another?
Answer: there is no more money and we are not going out and looking for homes to tear down.
3.     It’s only 8 spaces, that won’t help anything.
Answer: It is actually a net gain of 10 spaces because conceivably 2 spaces would be used by that home.  But in any case, I personally believe that even 8 spaces would be helpful.
4.     The businesses only care about themselves.
Answer: I do not agree with this.  I am a business owner and know many business owners in the Shore.  If we had this attitude, no one would patronize us anyway.
Here is a list of parking suggestions that we have considered time and time again:
1.     Use the beach parking lots.
Answer:  We can’t.  The Coastal Commission controls them and they are designated for beach use.  They would never reassign those lots to us.  Also, if a business owner insisted that his or her employees park there and anything at all happened to them or their property, the employee could sue them.  We can’t force our employees to park there.
2.     Use the bank lots.
Answer: we have no control over the bank lots – they are private property.  Many of them allow residents to park there after hours but it is solely up to them. 
3.     Put in a multi-level parking structure
Answer:  Various sites have been proposed over the years, but every time there is an objection by residents.  No one wants the parking structure near their home, and putting it at one end or the other favors businesses at that end.
My opinion:
I have empathy for the owners next door at 207 La Verne Ave.  I requested that they be taken into consideration, and the Parking Commission filed a motion to have the city look into compensating them in some way.  I believe that having those extra spaces will actually help the people on La Verne Ave. because it will take that many more cars off their block.  Many of them could park there for free from 7PM to 10 AM the next morning.
Let’s be honest here folks about the parking problem.  I believe that much of it is due to the residents, not because of visitors to the area.  We have growing families where every family member now has his or her own car.  And many residents use their garages for storage and park all their cars on the street.
I personally do not feel that taking 1 home out of approximately 2, 000 is going to destroy the Shore.  I do not think anyone visiting the Shore is going to walk down 2nd St., look to the north when crossing La Verne Ave., see a parking lot, and say, “Oh my!  How horrible!  I will not be returning to this community.”
Someone said to me “YOU, Lisa, made this happen?”  No, I did not.  I do not have that kind of power.  It is up to the city council to make the decision.  I just voted yes to a proposal, as part of an advisory board because I believe it will help the Belmont Shore community.
Very sincerely,
Lisa Ramelow

Monday, March 10, 2014

Carreras: Home of the LBC Mexican Sandwich is OPEN!

Look what just opened Next to The Small Cafe, Naples & Naples Cleaners & Laundromat Carreras home of the Cemitas of the LBC (Homemade Mexican Sandwiches) - Soon to have Craft Beer & Sangrias!!

Horny Corner of Long Beach, Belmont Shore California USA

Horny Corner of Long Beach, Belmont Shore California USA
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