Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bikes & Parked Cars: Look before opening your car door!!

Remember - Be careful out there - this happened yesterday - delivery guy for George`s Greek opened car door as Roy was passing by on his Bicycle. Drivers PLEASE look before opening doors, please look out for bikes, pedestrians, etc. - And bicyclist/pedestrians - always make sure others see you before crossing/passing cars.....even if you have the right of way - Right of way or not - someone still gets hurt!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Serving Time at The Brix

We finally tried Let's Do Brix last night - here is my review:
I have been wanting to go to Brix for a long time. The menu looks really good and they have many craft beers & wines. I have also heard from many people that the food is amazing. Me and my husband walk in and hear shouts from the bar area, a couple friends of ours who are regulars at Brix are sitting at bar asking us to sit by them. So we sit at table next to bar. We spend a few minutes taking to our friends so we still have yet to look at menu. The waitress comes up several times during the few minutes asking us are we ready to order. We say not yet, we have not looked at menu yet. She seemed annoyed. As we were talking to our friends, I looked around at drink menu written on walls trying to decide what I wanted to order. I was asking my friends what they like and tried. Our friends were very informative and told us which beer tasted like this and like that....they told me to try a sample of a certain beer, so I asked the waitress, she gave me the sample and watched me try it. I asked her questions, but she didn`t really have answers, so I I just looked up at the wines and picked out a random one on board. She looked at me and said 'you want a port?!' I said, 'oh no, sorry I didn`t know that was a port.' She then bent down to me and said 'look hunny, what are you Used to drinking?' I got annoyed by that, I can go to my usual spot and get 'what I am used to drinking' - but I wanted to go and try something new. I was hoping that she could help me out a bit. I looked at her and said, 'I usually drink Cabernet and PBR'. I then looked at a random beer on board and gave her my decision. My husband doesn`t like to drink right after working out at the gym, so he ordered a sprite. I continued to ask my friends about the certain beers and the food and they were very informative.
The waitress brought our drinks and asked again if we were ready to order. My husband was pretty hungry so I told him to go ahead and order, I wasn`t ready yet. She seemed annoyed. She kept looking at her watch. I said to her 'I`m sorry to keep you, are you busy?' She said no, that she was just looking at the time. My husband ordered the margherita pizza and I told her I will order in a bit.
I put on my glasses to read the menu, as I was reading, the waitress would pass by and look to see it I was ready yet. We have only been in the restaurant for less than 15 minutes and there were empty tables. I finally made my decision, to order the Reuben Chowder. My soup got to the table quickly, my husbands pizza came 10 minutes after. The waitress looked at my husbands empty sprite glass and asked him if he wants more water. My husband said, that was actually a sprite, but yes, I would like some water.......she gave him a weird smirk and went to get him some water.
During this time, the waitresses never greeted us, welcomed us, did not offer any information about menu, we seemed to bother them if we asked anything, we felt rushed and keeping them from something else.
When the bill came, my husband gave waitress his credit card. Minutes went by, the waitress asked if everything okay, we said yes. More minutes went by, my husband was getting worried, they have not brought back his credit card. Finally as the waitress walked by us, we asked her for his credit card back. She went behind bar and yelled out 'found it!' To my husbands relief. We signed out and left....probably to the waitress relief!
The food at The Brix was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was local gastopub casual. The Beer and Wine Menu was impressive. However, the only reason we wont go back is because of the attitude of the waitress. Sad, very sad, we wanted very much to like this place. We are locals here. We dine on 2nd street at least 5 nights a week. We spend our money in our community. Maybe we will try Brix again, if they change up their servers.....or at least one server.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brunch at The Attic on Broadway

We went to Sunday Brunch at The Attic. We got there around 12:30pm - we had about an hour wait. We went to the side of the Attic to have a cocktail while we waited for our table. It was set up like a back yard with tables. We sat there as a waitress took our drink order. She informed us that we couldn`t get the fancy bloody mary`s in the wait section, due to kitchen access. The Attic is known for 'Build your Own Bloody Mary`s' complete with Bacon, Devil Eggs, Short Ribs, Sliders, etc to garnish your Mary. The guys ordered an Extra Spicy 'Normal' Mary with bacon infused vodka and Slim Jim stuffed Olives.....which wasn`t so normal, it was actually pretty tasty and fancy. I ordered a Mimosa with Lime & Vodka......not your Normal Mimosa was actually pretty refreshing and it was served in a Wine glass......pretty impressive! 
 Our names were called and we sat inside. The Attic is actually a house made into a restaurant with Art on walls and Art decor Lights and fixtures. The we all ordered the build your own Bloody Mary`s, complete with Slim Jim Olives, Pickled Egg, Short Rib Slider, horseradish, shrimp and Bacon infused Vodka. Pretty much a meal in itself, but we also ordered brunch. Roy ordered the Berkly Omelet, which has Chorizo & Spinach.  I ordered the Blue Bayou Omelet which has Cajun Shrimp & Blue Crab. Vic Ordered The Brat Pack, which is Bratwurst & Eggs. The boys really seemed to enjoy it all, which is a difficult feat unto itself. I really enjoyed my Brunch. The Cajun Shrimp & Blue Crab where moist, tender and very flavorful. They definitely did not skimp on the shrimp or the crab, the omelet was stuffed and so was I!
The service was informative, friendly, relaxed and very stylish, after all The Attic is in the Art District of Long Beach! I highly recommend this quaint little place and I  cannot wait to go back!! More info @

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