Monday, March 25, 2013

Reasons to BoyCott Quinn`s keeps adding up - they Deleted yet ANOTHER Bad Yelp Review - ummm

Here is yet ANOTHER Reason! 

Reason #13
 From Leigha B

This is the worst bar on 2nd st I would go to Shannon's over this place and Shannon's smells like puke. I was meeting my friends and husband here one night and all my friends were sitting at the bar but there weren't anymore bar stools so I grabbed one from one of the empty tables. All the tables were empty everyone was at the bar so I didn't think it was a big deal. Next thing I know the owner comes up to me and says I can't have that stool and I need to put it back that me and my friends can move and sit at one of the tables. I was thinking wow that's really ridiculous but I said that's ok I will just stand. One of my friends says I can use his seat so I take it and next thing I see I look over where one of my girlfriends is standing and the owner gives her a stool from one of the empty tables so she doesn't have to stand!! Me and my friends were in absolute shock this owner is bad for business she doesn't know how to treat her paying customers the locals are what keep these little mom n pop businesses open and for her to be bipolar with the locals doesn't help I have lived here for 7 years here in the shore and I will never recommend this place I will tell them to avoid it unless they want to be treated like they don't matter. The bartender was very nice but the owner is no bueno she should stay in the back and do paper work.  My husband also put up a review about this place because he recently had yet another bad experience with the owner and the review has mysteriously disappeared people don't waste your time go to Murphy's if you're looking for a good variety of beer and a good sandwich.  Ps Jason I will repost this every time you delete it

 Comment from Jason R. (The Devil) of Quinn's Pub and Grill 12/31/2012    
Hi Leigha,

I'm very sorry you had a negative experience. It's too bad that you will not be returning. It's seems that your husbands review was filtered because it was hard to understand and had profanity in it.  You're husband became intoxicated, was cut off and he got pissed off. That pretty much sums it up. If you're stool was taken from you im sorry, maybe it was just in the path. Our seating area is 350 sq. ft.

In the end the followers will always go with the herd, but Let people decide for themselves if they would like to go to my place or a place were there are a bunch of drunk frat guys and middle aged men who think they are 16...?  Anyhow, I appreciate the kind words. :)
Remember, we have happy hour Monday - Friday and all day Sunday, plus our food is awesome... And we are open till Midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Don't listen to the minority.
Jason Rabenn
Owner - Quinn's Pub & Grill

Reason # 12 to Boycott Quinn`s:
(Saw this on Yelp today March 29th 2013, thought we better post it before the owner of Quinn`s calls Yelp to have it removed....seems to be the theme)

From  Renee R.
Unbelievable Jason, having yelp erase reviews again!  There goes three reviews in the past three weeks that have been erased! Guarentee this will be erased.

You don't want everyone to know how disrespectful you are to customers and your regulars?
Or how you don't start cooking orders until you stop eating or till you want?
Or how your mom fired a girl in front of a bar full of people. So disrespectful!
Or how you basically stole an employees tips.
Or how your mom glares at customers
Or how you treat your regulars like garbage.
Or how customers only go there for the beer selection and they great employees that
    You somehow feel are no good.

Yes, you have a great beer selection,
and the only reason you say that you have a page full of great reviews, is because you have yelp erase the bad.  There's no denying that.  I've seen numerous erased.
Your obviously getting written up for a reason.

I advise people to NOT go here and support a bar that doesn't respect you.  He needs to wake up and run a business the way it should be.  This bar is a great location and its unfortunate they are running it this way.

 Reason #8 to Boycott Quinn`s: 
from B.W:
If I wanted to be told what to do while I am having a drink and spending money on the jukebox... I would just go to my moms house. At least she is nicer than the owners at Quinn's...

More keeps coming - Keep it up - Do you have your own Reason? Tell us. Want to see the Other Reasons why to Boycott Quinn`s? Read This:
 We have 10 reasons so far....and Counting...... 

Ohh...and yet another one hidden here:

....and here is a FAKE Good Review here:

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